housing insulation diagram

Energy efficiency and the attic go hand in hand. To maximize the efficiency of your Collegeville home, consider the structure from roof to foundation. If your home’s attic is inefficient, the entire structure will be affected.

What Makes the Attic Energy Efficient?

  • Insulation – Insulation, or lack of it, is probably the most obvious way the attic may be decreasing the efficiency of your home. Insulation keeps the warm air inside the house during winter and out during the summer.Inspect the attic, walls and crawl spaces of your home for uninsulated spaces, then look for areas that don’t have enough insulation. While adding insulation to your home will cost a bit, you’ll quickly reap the rewards with lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Air leaks – Air leaks are often the hidden reason why an attic is inefficient. Even the smallest gaps and openings can let air in and out. In the summer, hot and humid air will start coming into an air conditioned home, and in the winter, heat will leak out into the cold winter air. Leaks in the attic can also bring humidity into the space, causing moisture problems. Use caulk and spray foam to close up any cracks, gaps or openings around windows, doors, chimney flashing and vent pipes.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is necessary to keep the attic free from moisture. That may seem counter-intuitive given the need to keep air leaks out of the attic, but excessive moisture in the attic can cause condensation to build up on the underside of the roof decking. That moisture can damage the roof and the insulation below. Venting along the soffit and ridge vent can keep the moisture levels down, while maximizing the energy efficiency.

Making the connection between your home’s energy efficiency and the attic will make the entire structure more efficient. If you need more information on how to lower energy costs, or for other home comfort issues, contact New Age Air at 610-298-0271. We proudly serve our neighbors in Collegeville, King of Prussia, Limerick, Malvern, and the surrounding areas.