Cor Thermostat

The first generation of home thermostats was designed to perform one basic task: Turn a comfort system on or off at a predetermined temperature. The problem was that you had to be present to adjust the settings manually. All that changed with the invention of the programmable thermostat, which lets you preset different temperatures for different times of the day. Today, WiFi-enabled models offer even greater convenience. Here’s what you need to know about the latest iteration of home thermostats.

Remote Operation

A WiFi-enabled thermostat allows you to monitor and adjust settings from your smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Most models operate by connecting to your home WiFi network through remote-control apps. A good WiFi-enabled thermostat gives you a quick snapshot of its current settings, which can include current temperatures and humidity levels inside and outside your home. Some also provide real-time energy reports and recommend energy-efficient settings.

All Sorts of Smarts

Not every device that classifies as a “smart” thermostat is Internet-connected. Some savvy devices use algorithms to learn and adapt to your preferences based on your usage history, which enables them to maintain your ideal temperature at any time of the day. Models with motion detectors sense when your home is empty and adjust operation accordingly. Available with or without remote Internet access, these so-called learning thermostats are ideal for people who want to enjoy the highest level of comfort at home.

Programmed for Savings

A programmable thermostat doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet to save you money. The ability to program HVAC settings according to your individual schedule is the most important feature when it comes to lowering your heating and cooling bills. To optimize your savings, follow the programmable thermostat guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your trusted HVAC provider can provide you with additional information and install the thermostat that best suits your lifestyle. Call us today at 610-298-0271.