setting boiler

If your Pottstown home has a boiler and it’s not running, don’t worry, because it might be something simple. Check these four problems first, which are all easy to take care of and don’t require a service call.

Check Boiler Supplies

First check the power, and see if a circuit breaker board has tripped, or if you use fuses, check if one has blown. If you use gas, then you’ll want to check your tank to be sure that you aren’t out of it. Lastly, check your water supply.

Make Sure the Pressure is Right

Check your boiler’s manual to be certain that the pressure is properly set, because it could be too low. Make sure the boiler has cooled down if it was recently working, and then check the pressure. A cool boiler generally should have one bar of four showing on the gauge, but always double-check with what the manufacturer says.

Check the Clock Timer

Sometimes a power outage will reset your clock timer to factory settings, so if the boiler isn’t turning on, set it to start within the next fifteen minutes. If that works, then all you have to do is put your settings back to normal.

Hit the Reset Button

This is definitely one you want to try before calling for service. Boilers have safety parameters, and if these parameters are ever breached, the boiler will turn itself off automatically. It’s fairly common for a boiler to be stressed during the winter in Pottstown, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s damage. If you can’t find your reset button, refer to the manual which should instruct you on where to locate it.

Of course, if these quick troubleshooting methods don’t fix the problem, we are glad to help get your boiler working again as soon as possible. Give us a call at 610-298-0271 or you can schedule an appointment online with our easy form. All the best!

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