winter allergens

The fall and winter seasons in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, can change drastically from year to year. Sometimes, the allergens disappear by October and don’t reappear until spring. However, in many cases, allergy sufferers have to make themselves aware of allergens in the air until December. Watch out for these three allergens during fall and into winter in Lansdale.


Ragweed allergies often cause hay fever in susceptible Lansdale residents. This plant’s pollinating season starts in late summer and continues through autumn. You might notice that you sneeze and cough more during this time of year. You might also experience sinus pressure and headaches.

Keep your doors and windows closed during the fall if you suffer from ragweed allergies. It’s also important to use a high-quality filter in your HVAC system. If those tips don’t cut down on your allergy symptoms, consider asking us about our air cleaner installation services.

Grass Pollen

Turf or grass pollen can also wreak havoc on your allergies. Since most of the grasses in the Philadelphia area consist of cold-season varieties like fescue and rye, you might experience allergy symptoms until late fall or early winter, depending on the temperature pattern.

Grass pollen can cause hay fever and worsen asthma symptoms. Consider taking off your shoes when you walk into your home so you don’t track in pollen spores. We can also install air cleaners and purifiers to remove pollutants from your air.

Tree Pollen

Lansdale trees create shade, improve oxygen generation, and beautify the streets, but they can also trigger allergy symptoms. Some of the most common trees in the area include oaks and walnuts, both of which can generate high pollen production. To prevent symptoms, close your windows and run your HVAC system. You might also want to have your ducts cleaned so pollen spores don’t circulate throughout your house.

Pollen season can make Lansdale residents miserable. However, if you take steps to prevent exposure to pollen, you’ll enjoy the fall and winter seasons more. To have your HVAC system inspected, give New Age Air a call at 610-298-0271.

Image provided by Shutterstock