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A programmable thermostat offers more than a new piece of tech for you to explore. It’s a powerful tool that can provide you with tremendous increases in heating efficiency. After we install a new programmable thermostat in your Spring City, Pennsylvania home, use these strategies to take full advantage of it.

Create a Schedule Based on Your Lifestyle and Preferences

A programmable thermostat’s power lies in its ability to adjust itself according to your schedule. Do you get up four hours later on the weekends than on weekdays? Program your thermostat to meet those preferences so you don’t waste energy when you don’t need it.

The number of programs your thermostat can accommodate depends on the specific model. Some allow you to input a different schedule for every day of the week, while others limit you to two or three settings. You might even have a vacation setting for when you leave your home unoccupied.

Access Your Thermostat via Wi-Fi

Your thermostat’s programs will prove useful any day of the week, but sometimes you need to make unexpected changes based on special circumstances. If you have a Wi-Fi model, you can make those adjustments even if you’re not at home. Just download the product’s app on your smartphone or tablet so you have full control over the amount of energy you use.

This becomes especially useful if you have to stay late at work or schedule an unexpected dinner date. Just change the settings remotely so you don’t waste energy.

Make Adjustments for Zones

Many modern programmable thermostats can accommodate up to six or eight zones. Use those zones to adjust temperatures based on your comfort needs for each specific room. For instance, you might need it warmer in the master bedroom and bath, but not in the dining room because it’s not in use.

If you don’t have one, we’ll be glad to install a programmable thermostat in your home. To set up an appointment with a NATE-certified HVAC technician, call New Age Air at 610-298-0271.

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