infant comfy

When you found out your family was growing, and you’d be bringing a baby to your Limerick, Pennsylvania, home, you did everything you could to make his or her environment perfect. You picked the right crib, the softest sheets, and the perfect decorations. Did you consider the air quality of the nursery or your home?

Making sure your baby breathes clean air is something you may take for granted, but if the humidity gets too low or high, everyone may be miserable.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable

A few things happen when the air is too dry in your home. Your skin itches, your nose is stuffy, and you may even have a cough. The same is true for your baby. Similar problems occur when there’s too much humidity in the air because allergens have a place to grow. A humidifier can keep humidity at the right level, so your infant is comfortable day or night.

Help Your Baby Sleep Better

An in-room humidifier will add a white noise to the room that may help your baby sleep better. A sleeping baby means you can sleep better. Don’t worry that the noise may be too much. The womb was noisier than you realize, and the extra sound comforts many babies.

Choosing a Humidifier

When you were still expecting your bundle of joy, you had plenty of options for humidifiers for the baby’s room. You could have a warm-mist or cold-mist humidifier. It may have a filter. Did you ever consider a whole-house humidifier? With a system that takes care of your home, your entire family will be able to breathe easier, regardless of the weather outside. The Performance Steam Humidifier by Carrier is one option that uses steam to keep your humidity levels stable, and it can be mounted almost anywhere.

Making sure your baby has everything he or she needs to be happy and healthy is important. If you’re ready to consider a humidifier for your entire house, contact us at New Age Air by calling 610-298-0271.

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