pets sick

Even if you’re not allergic to dogs or cats, your pets still have the ability to make you sick. Pets can carry microbes on their fur and in their mouths that will spread across your Pottstown, Pennsylvania, home if you’re not careful.

Pets and Bacteria Transportation

NBC News recently reported on a study from North Carolina State University, which analyzed the microbes present in 40 homes in the university’s vicinity. The study found that dogs bring in several types of bacteria with the potential to make you sick. The surfaces with the most bacteria were pillowcases and the TV screen.

Campylobacter and Salmonella

In most cases, dogs and cats don’t carry enough of these microbes to make you seriously sick, and small exposures might boost your immune system. But knowing the risks (and where you should be cleaning most!) is always a good idea. Dogs and cats both carry campylobacter and salmonella on their rear ends, which they can pass to humans.

Cats on the Counter and Kisses from Dogs

So how do you end up ingesting these microbes? Allowing your cat to walk on the kitchen counter is a surefire way to contaminate your food and drink. You don’t want the vestiges of the litter box on the surfaces where you prepare and eat food. While it’s fun to demonstrate your love for your pooch by kissing your dog on the mouth, doing so isn’t good for your health, since dogs often sniff each other’s behinds and lick themselves on their back ends.

Anti-Microbial HVAC Solutions

Adding a few IAQ products to your home will help reduce the number of microbes in your house. A UV light inside your HVAC system will sanitize the air before it blows through your vents and into your home. Carrier’s air cleaners purify the air so heartily, they even kill viruses and bacteria.

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