Air Purifier

For many homeowners, cleaning the house is a weekly routine. However, even the most thorough cleaning isn’t always enough to eliminate contaminants in your home. That’s why many people have come to rely on air purifiers. Even though it’s not a total replacement for a routine cleaning, an air purifier does provide a final defense against hazardous airborne particles. If you don’t know much about air purifiers, here are some facts to see if they’re the perfect solution for your Pottstown, Pennsylvania, home.

Different Types

Generally speaking, there are two types of air purifiers. The first is a unit called a central purification system. It works with your HVAC system to eliminate allergens and other harmful particles in the air. The other air purifier is a portable unit that’s placed in one room in the home. The central unit is far more efficient and cost-effective because it traps and kills contaminants before they enter your home’s air ducts.

How They Work

Air purifiers work much like traditional HVAC systems. They both use air filters to trap contaminants and allergens, yet an air purifier is more efficient because it uses filters with much higher MERV ratings. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and the higher a filter’s MERV rating, the better it is at filtering dust, smoke, and other dangerous contaminants from the air. Many purification systems have MERV ratings of 10-15, helping to make your air even cleaner.

Is It Right For You?

Because they remove and kill such a large number of contaminants, air purifiers are a definite boon for those looking to improve indoor air quality. People who suffer from allergies would also benefit from an air purifier, but only if their specific reaction is the result of an allergen inside the home. For pet owners, air purifiers are an effective way to limit pet dander in the home and thus provide cleaner air for all your family members.

Perhaps the best part of owning an air purifier is that it provides an extra level of comfort that allows you to breathe easier and sleep comfortably. If you’re thinking about installing an air purifier, contact New Age Air today at 610-298-0271.

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