Cleaning Those Ducts

You can save lots of money by doing things on your own, but that doesn’t always mean you should. While DIY HVAC maintenance may seem like a good idea, it can actually do more harm than good if not done correctly. Some homeowners in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, may be considering cleaning their own HVAC ducts since they’ve heard it leads to better efficiency and indoor air quality. Like most other HVAC maintenance tasks, duct cleaning is more efficient and safe when left to the pros. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to clean your own home’s ducts.

Ineffective Equipment

If you wanted to give this DIY duct cleaning a shot, what would be the best you could do? You could unscrew the vents and heat registers and place a vacuum hose into the ducts. That would, at best, only clean a few feet of ducts. Regular equipment won’t get you very far and will only waste your time, as well as lead to other potentially hazardous situations.

Indoor Air Quality

With a lack of equipment and professional training, you won’t be able to clean your ducts effectively. More than just becoming a waste of time, however, ineffective cleaning could also further reduce indoor air quality. By scrubbing a standard house vacuum over the ducts, you’re more likely to disturb dirt and dust attached to the duct, sending it into the air to become part of the airflow. This will only further reduce indoor air quality and the efficiency of the system.

Turn to the Pros

So what’s the alternative? Professional duct cleaning from New Age Air will ensure that your system efficiency and home air quality is restored. Rather than using an everyday vacuum, we use a Rotobrush system, which travels through your ducts, cleaning as it goes. We won’t miss a spot.

Regular duct cleaning is a major step in maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioner and the healthy air in your home. To see the benefits of professional duct cleaning for yourself, give New Age Air a call at 610-298-0271.

Image provided by Shutterstock