Your New Furnace

Furnace maintenance and repair can fix many issues with your Pottstown, Pennsylvania, home’s furnace. Sometimes a furnace is too old or too damaged for an easy or affordable fix; when that happens, you’re better off replacing it.

You Suddenly Have Allergies

Did cold or allergy symptoms suddenly assail you when you turned on the heat this year? Old furnaces collect dust, mildew, and other grime you don’t want floating around in your air. When they blow this stuff out, you breathe it in and start to feel sick. Changing the air filter helps, but if the furnace is too old it won’t be a total solution.

Your Fuel Bills Are Frightful

Furnaces should not cost you a horrifying amount of money to run. If you’re seeing increased costs or double the numbers you saw just a few years ago, your furnace is consuming too much energy. We can perform maintenance first to see if that takes care of the issue; if it doesn’t, a new furnace will reduce your fuel bills. Plus, you can get a more efficient model.

Your Furnace Is Older Than Your Kids

Parents of tweens, teens, or anyone older, beware. If you bought your house before your kids were born and have never installed a new furnace, you need to. Furnaces are good for about 15 years, and then they often start to have problems. You’ll need more maintenance and have less efficiency when you run an ancient furnace.

Strange Noises Come From the Furnace

Some furnaces hum a little when they cycle on, and that’s perfectly fine. But if your furnace is groaning, clanking, whistling, or making any other unusual noise, it needs a check-up at the very least. When the noises aren’t fixable, it’s time install a much quieter, and newer, furnace.

Still have questions? New Age Air has answers; call us today at 610-298-0271. We can examine your furnace, help you choose a new model, and get the installation done effectively and efficiently.

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