Thermostat Setting is Bes

Knowing how to set your thermostat is essential for keeping your Collegeville, Pennsylvania, home running efficiently. Most thermostats have both an “ON” and “AUTO” setting, but is there really a difference? You may be surprised to learn the answer is yes.


When you set your thermostat to the ON setting, the fan constantly blows, even when the system no longer needs to heat or cool the air.

The AUTO setting turns the fan on automatically when the HVAC system needs to provide heating or cooling. As such, the fan will turn off when the thermostat reaches your preset temperature. Since the fan doesn’t continuously blow on the AUTO setting, it is by far the most energy efficient of the two options.

Reasons to Avoid the ON Setting

Keeping the thermostat set to ON results in increased energy costs because the fan is always running. Since the fan runs more, it succumbs to wear and tear much easier, and you’ll start having to shell out money for more frequent repairs.

The ON setting also increases your home’s humidity because the system can’t adequately dehumidify the air. And with air running nonstop through the ductwork, you lose more conditioned air through duct leaks.

AUTO Setting Benefits

When you keep the thermostat set to AUTO, the system uses less energy. Even your air and furnace filters will last longer. Remember, however, that your filters last longer because they aren’t working as hard to filter the air, so this can be considered both a pro and con depending on how you look at it.

You won’t enjoy the continuous air distribution you would with the ON setting, but AUTO keeps your utility bills in check. If you prefer the constant flow of air the ON setting provides, consider a variable speed motor to reduce the costs of running your HVAC system 24/7.

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