Take Noise Reduction

Though most homeowners in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, use an air conditioning system to cool their homes, they often dislike when it kicks on due to noise it makes. However, advancement in air conditioning technology has improved the design and components of the equipment, making new units more efficient and quieter. Consider things like compressor insulation, quieter mounting material, low-noise fan blade shape, and variable speed blowers while upgrading your AC.

What Causes Noise in an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning systems use several components, like the evaporator, compressor, condenser, and fan, along with a number of accessories and materials, like fasteners, covers, pipes, and mountings. As the cooling process begins, the room air starts flowing into the unit and the refrigerant begins to circulate inside the coils. This brings into action all the components, making for a noisy startup and operation.

Vibration of various parts in the system creates noise. The fan inside the indoor unit makes noise as its blades move. There is noise from the compressor too as it works hard to compress the refrigerant. The compressor and condenser exert pressure on the mounting, making it move and make noise.

How Do New Technologies Reduce the Noise?

The latest technologies make an air conditioning system more efficient, and noise reduction often happens automatically as a byproduct. Some technologies are specifically targeted at reducing noise coming from various parts and processes of the system.

Compared to standard blowers that run at full capacity, variable-speed blowers mostly run below their capacity and make less noise. AC compressors that use R410A refrigerant are quieter than compressors using other refrigerants. Better insulation around the compressor further deadens its noise, too,

Using a quieter mounting material reduces the noise from compressor and condenser mounts. Better design and improved blade shape limits the noise in AC fans.

Often, a higher SEER rating also means less noise due to higher efficiency, but that may not always be true; so, specifically look for an air conditioner with low decibel rating of about 68.

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