HVAC TechWhile the spring and the fair weather that accompanies it is currently upon us, the sweltering heat of summer lies right around the corner. If you’re tired of repairing your old, noisy, and inefficient air conditioning unit, or looking to save some money with lowered utility bills, then this is the perfect time of year to get an A/C replacement from New Age Air.

Time to Replace Your Old Unit

The energy efficiency program, ENERGY STAR, recommends that you replace your A/C unit every ten years. If your air conditioner has suffered frequent breakdowns, or if you’ve noticed an increase in utility bills, then that may be a sign your A/C unit isn’t performing efficiently.

This reduced efficiency can cause you problems over time, such as ineffective cooling and even more money. Replacing your unit with an ENERGY STAR rated system can save you up to 20% or more on cooling costs.

Don’t Wait

Repairing an old system can be more costly than replacing it, and doesn’t guarantee its longevity. Now can be the best time to opt for a replacement rather than take your chances with an older system and possible breakdown.

If your compressor, motor, or heat exchanger fails in the middle of summer, not only will you be on the hook for potentially thousands of dollars in parts and time-consuming labor, but you’ll also be miserable without the comfort your air conditioner during those sweltering days of the season.

Technology To Cool Your Home Evenly

Perhaps you’re considering an A/C replacement to provide more even temperatures to your home. At New Age Air, we feature the technology to reduce or eliminate hot or cold spots with our ductless systems.

These systems allow you to ensure that each room in your house is the desired temperature without using unnecessary energy. These units can create comfort zones which can be set to different temperatures in each room, providing them with customized cooling options.

At New Age Air, we feature the trained and certified staff are ready to expertly and professionally repair and replace your air conditioner in Chester Springs. Call us for a consultation at 610-298-0271 or visit our contact page to get started today! And if you’re not ready to replace, inquire more about our air conditioner tune-ups in Alburtis.