As thunderstorms creep into the forecast, you may want to think about how they can affect your cooling system. While cooling systems are made to be durable and can withstand the elements, they do not fair well with power surges. Surges in power can cause irreversible damage to your cooling system and while you can’t stop power surges from happening you can take some precautions to help protect your cooling system.

Power Surges and How They Affect HVAC Systems

Power surges don’t last long, but they can cause expensive damages to your electronic devices. There are two basic types of power surges you should be aware of, those are external and internal power surges. External power surges are surges that originated from outside of your home. Events like electrical storms or a damaged power line can cause external surges in power.

Most homeowners don’t know that suddenly turning off an electrical device can cause a power surge. Small devices such as blow dryers can cause power surges, and your cooling system is no different. Based on the system’s size and the fact that they are constantly running, cooling systems have the potential power surges.

Routine Maintenance

Not keeping up with your routine HVAC maintenance can lead to issues with your cooling system that can cause power surges. Here are some common causes for your AC unit to trip the circuit breaker:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Motor has a short
  • Compressor won’t start
  • Compressor is grounded

Surge Protection

Power surges can cause significant damages to not only your electronic device and HVAC system they can also start fires which can ruin your entire home. There is no way to prevent a power surge from occurring, but you can give your home some protection by installing whole home surge protection.

Whole home surge protectors are installed in the primary breaker box between your home’s electrical system and the power grid. They protect your home and HVAC system from external power surges. If you have an older cooling system, we can replace it with a high-efficiency AC unit that draws less power, making them less likely to cause power surges.

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