Your home is supposed to be one of the safest places to be during a thunderstorm. But is it? This time of year, the weather in our area can be unpredictable and, at times, extreme. And while you’ve probably seen your fair share of storms, you may not be as familiar with the damage caused by a lightning strike to a home.

As the premier HVAC service in Schwenksville, New Age Air cares about the safety of our customers. And it’s precisely why we inform our clients on how to stay safe in their homes this hurricane season, to keep them and their families protected from lightning damage. Let’s take a look at lightning, its effects, and how you can safeguard your home from this intense element.

Hot Flashes

We all know that a lightning bolt is hot, at over 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s almost five times hotter than the surface of the sun! But how damaging is it exactly? When lightning strikes a house, there are three main direct hazards:

  • Fire

Wood and other materials can be instantly ignited anywhere in the house.

  • Power Surge

If a lightning strike goes through a home’s wiring, the surge can damage all connected appliances.

  • Shock Wave

If it’s experienced at close range, the shock wave that results from a lightning strike can be destructive to concrete, brick, and many other materials.

Stop Lightning Damage with a Lightning Arrester

It’s important to note that a lightning arrester is different than a lightning rod. And although a rod does help to divert lightning surges, an arrester is much more effective. It works by protecting sensitive electrical equipment by diverting lightning strikes to the ground. This can save not only your appliances, but your entire home’s wiring from suffering irreversible damage.

In fact, reducing the risk of electrical failure is the primary job of a lightning arrester. They can help ground out surges of power to help you avoid electrical damage. Additionally, lightning surges don’t always destroy equipment, but they can leave their mark on it. A lightning arrester can prolong your system’s life by preventing the wear and tear from these less powerful surges.

Investing in a lightning arrester can keep you and your family safe, and protect your home and appliances from the damage due to a lightning strike.

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