AC emergencies can occur at any time, but they usually seem to happen at the most inopportune moment, when we need our cooling system the most. It stands to reason that AC breakdowns are common in the height of the summer season, when everyone has their unit cranking at full blast to find some relief. Maybe you’ve been keeping your AC in tip top shape by calling New Age Air for routine maintenance services, and this won’t happen to you. But what if it does?

As the leading provider of emergency air conditioning repair services in Harleysville, PA, and nearby regions, we have created this post to advise customers old and new how to handle an emergency AC situation.

Clear Any Debris From Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

Your central AC outdoor unit should be protected by a grating that keeps any objects from damaging the condenser coils. However, small objects such as pebbles and leaves sometimes make their way through. If you can, clear out any visible debris that has found its way into the unit to improve the airflow inside.

Check the Air Filter

Air filters get blocked from time to time as they work hard to collect all the dust and debris that is present in the air. Many air filters require routine checks, cleaning, and replacement.

All HVAC and AC units use filters to clean the air in your home; therefore, we recommend checking the filters regularly and replacing the once every three months, or more frequently if needed.

Check the Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Often, an AC emergency is caused by a blown fuse or circuit breaker. This can be due to several factors, such as having too many appliances running at the same time over the summer months. Check that all your circuit breaker switches are flicked to the same direction and flip on any tripped circuits. If nothing seems to help, call New Age Air for emergency AC repair or maintenance.

In the meantime, don’t open the windows, as you’ll want to keep the cold air inside your home for as long as possible. Close the blinds, turn on any fans, and rely on our experts to provide reliable emergency air conditioning repair services in Royersford and surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.