Our AC systems are designed to keep us cool and comfortable all summer long; however, they’re not designed to make disturbing noises. In fact, any unusual sounds coming from your AC unit could be signs of a problem or fault. As the leading provider of emergency air conditioning repair in Norristown and the surrounding areas, we’ve listed the five most common AC noises and their potential causes below.

Screaming or Hissing
If you hear a hissing or screaming sound coming from your AC unit, we recommend that you shut it down for safety purposes. Screaming often indicates a severe problem with the AC refrigerant or compressor. If you allow the unit to continue running, it could suffer a potentially severe breakdown. Once the machine has been safely switched off, contact a professional as soon as possible.

Loud Buzzing or Humming
Loose components cause extra vibrations that build up and create a loud racket of buzzing or humming. These vibrations may start from the refrigerant line or electrical wiring. However, they may also be an indication of loose screws. Either way, a professional inspection is recommended if these noises persist.

Rattling or Clicking
Rattling and clicking when a machine starts up is normal and not necessarily indicative of a problem. Loud clicking is abnormal, especially if the AC unit starts to make these sounds out of the blue. You can try cleaning out any debris from your outdoor unit if this is possible. However, if you can’t identify the problem, call a technician to avoid costly damage.

Gurgling or Dripping
Liquid related sounds coming from an AC unit are likely related to the refrigerant lines. Refrigerant and condensation problems can be severe. Sometimes, drain lines and pans are knocked out of place, and fluids can back up. This could lead to freezing, corrosion, or other damage. Call a technician if your AC unit is making any water-related noises.

It’s normal for some equipment to make light banging sounds during AC startup processes. However, if the AC unit makes banging sounds while running continuously, some parts may need tightening or replacing. The blower, fan, compressor, or equipment housing could be off-kilter and may be damaged.

If your AC unit persists with making any of the noises mentioned above, or to schedule emergency heating repair in Boyertown, contact us today.