Now is a terrific time of year — nature’s colors change, the weather cools down, and the holiday season begins. But it’s also a precursor to the cold winter weather, a time when energy costs are sure to rise unless you can take steps to reduce your heating bills. The good news is, you can! We’ve written this piece to share some tips to help you keep warm and save cash this winter. Let’s take a look:

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

You can save roughly 3% on your heating bill with every degree you lower your thermostat by over 24 hours. During the winter months, a reasonable temperature is 68 degrees throughout the daytime and 55 degrees at night.

If you lower the thermostat to 55 degrees while you sleep, you can save almost 13% on your heating bills. Throughout the rest of the day, wear warm clothing such as long pants, thick socks, and chunky sweaters to keep you toasty. Additionally, programmable thermostats are another great way to regulate temperature and save cash.

Clear Radiators and Vents

Make sure that furniture or rugs block none of your vents, and there are no objects in front of your radiator or furnace. This allows the air to flow freely and give you the full benefits of the warm atmosphere provided by your heating system; it’s also much safer.

Check Your Windows

Roughly 10-25% of the heat loss from your home can be attributed to your windows. To reduce the amount that escapes, open shades and curtains on all south-facing windows during the daytime. This allows the sun’s heat to enter your home and warm the inside of your rooms.

Close all blinds and curtains at night when the sun goes down. This will help to keep your house insulated, trapping heat inside. Another trick is to place blankets over uncovered drapes and windows, especially when it’s nighttime and temperatures drop to their lowest.

Invest in a Tune-Up

Keep your furnace, HVAC, or heat pumping running at optimum efficiency by having it professionally inspected and tuned once a year. This is a relatively small investment that could lead to massive savings.

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