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What To Do In an AC Emergency

What To Do In an AC Emergency

AC emergencies can occur at any time, but they usually seem to happen at the most inopportune moment, when we need our cooling system the most. It stands to reason that AC breakdowns are common in the height of the summer season, when everyone has their unit cranking at full blast to find some relief. Maybe you’ve been keeping your AC in tip top shape by calling New Age Air for routine maintenance services, and this won’t happen to you. But what if it does?

As the leading provider of emergency air conditioning repair services in Harleysville, PA, and nearby regions, we have created this post to advise customers old and new how to handle an emergency AC situation. read more…

Your AC Is Running, But Not Cooling Your Home

On your commute home from a long day at work, sweat perspires through your pores and travels down your face. Your AC is broken and the wind you so badly hoped would cool you down, continues to blow warm, humid gusts of air. Not to worry — your home thermostat is set to 75° and is anxiously awaiting your arrival. However, the moment you get home, you experience something completely unexpected. Instead of walking into a cool home, you’re hit with more warmth and humidity. What happened?

At New Age Air, we provide emergency air conditioning services in Royersford, PA to help in these exact situations. If your AC is running efficiently but is not cooling your home, there may be other factors that are contributing to this waste of energy. Let’s take a look at what they can be:

An Old Air Filter

The air filter in your AC plays a key role in the overall performance of the unit. These filters are responsible for collecting dust, debris, and other pollutants so that they do not continue to circulate back into your home. If the air filter is dirty, it can restrict and slow down airflow, ultimately affecting the temperature in your home. Be sure to change your air filter regularly or contact one of our specialists for assistance.

Your Outdoor AC Unit is Dirty

The outdoor AC unit endures the impacts of yearly weather conditions, which can leave it dirty and clogged. The AC unit inside of your home absorbs warm air and then transfers it to the outside AC unit. However, if leaves, branches, and debris are obstructing the outdoor unit, it is unable to release heat from its system, which will prevent your home from cooling down. You can gently rinse your outdoor unit and clear it of any obstructions.

Low Levels of Refrigerant or a Leak

Low levels of refrigerant can make it difficult for your home to cool down. The evaporator coil inside of your AC unit is responsible for evaporating the refrigerant liquid to absorb the heat in your home. If you believe your refrigerant levels might be low, its evident that a leak might be the root of the cause.

If you’re bearing uncomfortable living conditions due to lack of cool air, the professionals at New Age Air can help improve the functionality of your AC unit. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians for emergency air conditioning maintenance and repair in Mertztown by calling 610-298-0271.

What To Do In an AC Emergency

Fill Your Lungs With Fresh, Clean Air: 3 Reasons to Invest in a Home Purifier

Where do you go when you need a little fresh air? Most people would probably answer that question by saying, “outside,” and why wouldn’t they? Believe it or not, the air quality in our home isn’t as clean as we would like it to be, and there are many reasons for that. At New Age Air, we understand the importance of breathing in fresh, clean air, which is why we recommend a home air purifier. If you’re already seeking HVAC services in Spring City, we can ensure you’re getting the best air possible.

When we settle in from a long day, we should feel safe and not have to worry about the air we’re breathing in our own home. Getting an air purifier will relieve you and your family of poor air quality and replenish it with the air you were meant to breathe in. Here are a few reasons why air purifiers are so important:

Eliminate Allergens

Air purifiers can eliminate airborne particles that get trapped in your house. The odor brought in by pets can also be severely upsetting to family members with allergies. Check out some of the most common allergens found in your home’s air:



They Trap Tobacco & Cigarette Smoke

If there are members in your household that smoke, breathing in the toxicity of second-hand smoke can cause serious health implications. Breathing in tobacco smoke can lead to heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and even lung cancer. The HEPA filter in air purifiers can remove pollutants of tobacco smoke to restore the quality of air in your home.

Protect the Health of Children

While children are developing their immune system, they are prone to health problems caused by impurities in the air, such as allergies. The air that circulates in the home often includes pollutants that can be harmful to small children. If you have kids at home, it’s important to provide them with clean air to avoid exposure to allergens and other pollutants.

The indoor air quality of your home can have serious effects on your family’s health. By installing an air purifier, you are providing your loved ones with cleaner, healthier air. If you need HVAC services in Schwenksville, or if you want to take steps to improving the air quality in your home, contact the experts at New Age Air. For more information, please call us at 610-298-0271.

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