Virtual Diagnostics and No Contact Repair Services 

What is Virtual Diagnostic

In this tough time we are trying to keep you and your family safe while still serving your needs.  The virtual diagnostic lets us offer you our expertise in exchange for you letting u use your senses.

For any of this to work your mobile phone must have facetime or skype.  We need a way that you can use your cell phone in real time get us some visual information.

To get started 1st you’ll call into our office and speak to one of our dispatchers just as you normally would.  They will schedule you in an open appointment slot to speak with our service manager Matt.

In the time between setting the appointment and your virtual diagnostic call we are going to ask for you to get us some critical information if you can.  This will include some pictures of the equipment we are going to be looking at, maybe some video of the working conditions, and if you can get it we are especially going to want a picture of the model plate of the equipment.

Don’t worry.  We are not going to ask you to do anything that could put you or your family in jeopardy.  We are going to use your hands and eyes and ears to do some of the things our technician would usually do.

Now, when your time arrives, our service manager will give you a call and ask you some questions.  From there the real diagnostic starts and it will vary depending on the problem.

If you’re lucky maybe it is a problem that can be solved over the phone.  If not we will have an idea of what the problem is so when we send a tech out for a no-contact service call they will have the parts necessary for a speedy repair.

The purpose of this approach is to minimize the time our technician will need to be in your home and maximize the likelihood of a speedy repair and return to service.  If we do have to dispatch a tech, we will perform a “No contact” call which we will go over in the next video in this series.

No Contact Repair Services

So what is a No Contact Service call?

Just as the name says, a “no contact service call” is one where you and our technician remain in zero physical contact.  Not only that, when possible we request for the safety of our technician that you remain out of the working area for 24 hours prior to their arrival.

How does it work?

Call our offices just as you usually would.  We will first get you set up for the virtual diagnostic call.  After that is complete, our service manager will pull together all the necessary parts to complete the repair.

Just like normal, you will schedule with our dispatcher a time block for the technician to come to your home.

If at all possible, we ask that you remain out of the work area for at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of the technician.  This means most visits will be scheduled at least one day later to allow for this.

Prior to your appointment, we will send you an email with instructions on how to prepare for the technician’s arrival.  This will include the procedures that our technician will follow to protect you and what we ask you to do to protect our technician.  There will also be some additional videos on our website and YouTube channel explain our sanitation procedure in more detail.

When the time arrives, we will dispatch the technician to your home.  You will be sent a text as usual let you know they are on the way.  The text will also include some brief instructions about what to do before the tech arrives.  The technician will also call you to confirm the details of the service so please be on the lookout for that call.

What happens when the technician arrives?

First, they will perform their pre-service sanitation procedure (again you can learn more about that on our Youtube channel and website) and prepare for the service call.  When the technician is ready, you will be called to let you know they are outside and you will confirm how the tech will enter the home and the most direct route to the mechanical area.

To limit the technician’s movements through your home, during the service call the technician may call you to ask for you to operate the thermostat or give them feedback about what you feel, hear, or see either outside or inside your home. 

The technician will follow our conformational diagnostic procedure and when complete will go over with you the diagnosis and the options for repair.  At that time we’ll also go give you the exact cost of the repair.

Once you confirm you would like the repair made the technician will make the recommended repairs and get you back up and running.  The tech will run the system through a complete operational cycle to insure there are no other issues and that will complete the work on the system.

Once the technician has completed the repair the they will –

wipe down your equipment, clean the work area, pack up all their tools, pick up any old parts and packaging, alert you that the repair is complete, get out of your home, and maybe the most important task, complete the post service sanitation procedure outside before leaving (this is important so you know that this was done when the tech finished their last call before they came to your place.)

This is a very involved process and we are very serious about ensuring it is followed.

When the service is completed your paperwork will be emailed to your and you will be contacted by the office to make payment.

So now I hope you have a good understanding of how this no contact service call works.  The idea behind this is we want to create and maintain a physical separation between you and our tech during the service call.  On our end we also will be following a strict sanitation guideline including safety procedures before, during, and after your service call.  For more information feel free to call our office or view some of the additional videos soon to be available on our website and YouTube channel.

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