As you begin prepping your home for the holiday season, it’s often easier to remember to put up the decorations and break out the eggnog than to care for the more mundane things. For instance, despite the importance of having hot water during a holiday party, you may not have thought about properly maintaining your water heater.

To help ensure that your home’s water heater is in tip-top shape this holiday season, check out our list of useful water heater maintenance tips, courtesy of the crew at New Age Air, your source for water heater repair in Pottstown.

1. Lower the temp setting on your water heater. Many water heaters have a default setting of over 130° Fahrenheit, although most professionals recommend a temperature setting of around 115°-120°. The lower setting will reduce the chances of your water heater overheating and shutting down.

2. Inspect your temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve). The T&P valve is your water heater’s safety valve. If the water heater were to continue heating water after reaching the set temperature, the built-up pressure could cause an explosion. To prevent this, excess pressure and heat are expelled through the T&P valve to keep the water heater running safely. You can easily inspect the valve by lifting up the T&P lever part-way and allowing it to snap back into place. You should hear a gurgling noise as the valve sends some water to the drain. If you hear nothing, contact your local water heater repair in Royersford for a replacement

3. Do a mini-flush on your water heater. Over time, sediment will build up in your water heater tank, corroding your tank and decreasing your water heater’s efficiency. To avert these issues, you need to flush your water heater regularly. How often you flush your tank will depend on the acidity and hardness of your area’s water. Ask the professionals at New Age Air about how to properly flush your home’s model.

For a more visual walk-through of basic water heater maintenance, check out our video below:

Don’t forget about the importance of scheduling regular maintenance checks as well. To get in touch with the experts at New Age Air, contact us today at 610-298-0271.