Many of us have experienced issues with our heating and cooling system. Whether the furnace is not operating efficiently or the AC is blowing out warm air, there are just some issues we cannot hold off on. However, there are some issues that can be scheduled out, and others that require immediate attention.

At New Age Air, we provide emergency HVAC services and water heater repairs to residents across Royersford, PA. With a thorough examination, our experienced team begins at the root of your unit to accurately identify the issue. The more you learn about your HVAC system, the more you’ll be able to gauge the severity of an issue. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of issues that would benefit from our emergency services:

You Hear Loud & Unusual Sounds

Some furnaces could run louder than others; however, if the unusually loud sounds are coming from the furnace itself, it may be experiencing internal issues. These issues can range from the belt, burner, blower motor, or pilot light. Furnace system noises should be checked on early to prevent more severe issues.

Contact a professional: While it may not seem like an emergency, early detection of furnace issues can save you a ton of money in the long run. It’s better to take care of it right away.

Your HVAC System is Turning On & Off

Does your furnace cycle on and off frequently? This is called rapid cycling, and if it’s not diagnosed early on, it can result in increased utility bills and major repairs. If your furnace is experiencing rapid cycling, the first thing you should do is check the air filter. A furnace can malfunction over time if it’s working with a dirty, old air filter.

Contact a professional: If replacing the air filter doesn’t solve the issue, you may be dealing with a more severe issue. There could be internal issues that require professional attention.

Electrical Issues

Your electrical system plays a key role in how your home operates. It could power your heating and cooling system, which is responsible for the comfort levels in your home. When it comes to electrical issues, leave nothing to chance. There are a number of electrical issues that can be harming your HVAC system, such as a tripped circuit breaker, faulty connections, blower fan issues, and more.

Contact a professional: If you believe your HVAC issues are stemmed from your electrical system, trust a qualified professional to take care of the job. Our emergency services are the quickest, safest, and most reliable option.

As the leading provider of HVAC services, including water heater repair in Phoenixville, PA, we are determined to ensure the comfort and safety of each and every client. For emergency services or to schedule an appointment, please call 610-298-0271.